Thank you for donating to the Ukraine humanitarian fund!​

Dear Influencers,​

​As previously announced, our fundraiser for the Red Cross ended on May 31st!​

​With your help, we successfully raised 30,000€; 50% of which was donated by Toluna to match your generosity! This amount will now be used by the Red Cross to help those who need it the most.​

​We cannot thank you, our amazing members, enough for actively participating in this fundraising event. As the proverb goes, a good deed is never lost!​

To conclude this event, we’ve also prepared a short video to highlight the efforts made by those who were happy to donate. Click on the link below to watch it and most importantly…​

​Keep influencing your world!​

Toluna Team​

P.S. We have sent a small token of our appreciation to all those you donated! If you haven’t received it yet, please check your mailbox now!


We couldn’t have achieved it without you!

Dear Influencers,

Our fundraiser has been active for over a month now, and thanks to the help of all of you, we managed to raise as much as:

19,437 EUR (updated on 18/04/2022)

There are no words that can express our gratitude to all the kind-hearted people who have decided to help those in need. 10 days remain until the end of the fundraiser, and as a reminder, Toluna will match any donation you make up to €15,000. How does it work? If you donate 1000 points today, we will add another 1000 points.

Influence your world – today we all need it more than ever!

The Toluna Team

Every little help counts!

Dear Influencers,

Our fundraiser to help people who have suffered in the current conflict in Ukraine has been going on for over two weeks. During this time, we managed to raise as much as:

10,974 EURO (as of 28.03.2022)

You have offered so much, but we truly hope that this is not the end of our joint help. Also keep in mind that Toluna matches any donation you make up to €15,000. How does it work? If you donate 1000 points today, we will add another 1000 points.

Influence your world – today we all need it more than ever!

The Toluna Team

Together we can help Ukraine!

Dear Influencers,

In light of the recent news from Ukraine, Toluna would also like to contribute and support those who need our help the most. Today, our sense of belonging to the international Toluna Influencer community is more important than ever.

Therefore, in the Rewards Centre, you will now find a fundraiser where you can donate 1000 points or more! Please also note that Toluna will match every donation you’ll make up to €15,000.

How does it work?
If you donate 1000 points today, we will add another 1000 points by the end of the fundraiser. We will keep you informed about the progress of the fundraiser, which will last until 30 April, and we will announce the final amount of raised funds in early May, after making a transfer to the Red Cross.

Influence your world – today we all need it more than ever!
Toluna Team

Toluna Millionaire Lottery is going on a break

Dear Toluna influencers,

Toluna Millionaire will be deactivated for 2 months, starting from 1st November.

But fear not, we have quite a nice surprise coming up on the community soon. We will let you know all the details in due time.

Please stay updated in the community! See you all soon.

Toluna team

Heads Up For QuickCommunity

Dear Influencers,
In the next couple of days, a Toluna QuickCommunity will be launched in Singapoore. A QuickCommunity is a client commissioned live chatroom on, to which some of our Influencers will be invited to join and have discussions about a certain subject, with other Influencers or a researcher from our client. It is a new and fun way to voice your opinion at Toluna and influence your world! Below are some questions you might have, and our answers to them:

How do I join?
– There will be a short survey in the “Survey Centre” section of Those who complete this short survey and whose profiles match with what the client is looking for, will be able to join the QuickCommunity. A new section called “Events” will appear in your account on, and you can select the QuickCommunity chatroom to enter. Please be sure to log in to the website instead of the Toluna mobile app.

What do I do inside?
– Once you are inside the chatroom, you will see 1 or more “Topics” on the top left-hand corner. You can select the topic you want to participate in, then simply provide your opinion on the topic and join the live discussion!

– For the coming community, you will be required to upload videos and images. Here is the quick guide to show you how to upload videos & images.   You can even find the way to search multiple topics for you to participate.  Please answer all available topics!


Will I get Toluna points?
– Yes of course! The number of Toluna points you will receive, and the requirements to meet in order to be eligible for points, will be provided in the short survey you complete before joining the QuickCommunity, and also inside the QuickCommunity itself. Some require daily participation for a minimum number of days, or it might just be 1 day; and others may even ask you to take and upload photos. The number of points you will receive will depend on how much of your time is required and the complexity of the requirements.

We look forward to your participation in this fun activity! And don’t worry if you are not able to join this one, there will be plenty more to come in the future.
Toluna Team



Thank you for helping us choose our 20th anniversary logo!

Dear Influencers,

Recently, we asked all of our global communities to help us choose our special edition logo for Toluna’s 20th anniversary.

Thank you for giving us your valuable opinion! With your insights and our own internal vote, we collectively decided to choose the logo attached to celebrate our 20th birthday with you.

New logo

We are planning some amazing initiatives for you coming up very soon, stay in touch to discover them all!

We also would like to thank all the members who designed their own version of the logo, you are a bunch of talented people!

Keep influencing Your World,
Toluna Team

Congratulations May Contest Winners! 

Mom winners.png

We are pleased to announce the winners of Mother’s Day Contest….

Congratulations winners!


Thank you for participating in our contest! the 12,000 bonus points will be credited to your account by 10th June 2019. Do check your points balance!

Congratulations May’s Content Creators 


Hello Influencers,

We are pleased to announce our Content Creators of The Month! Toluna Team has chosen 1 Top Content Creator and 2 Runners-Up for the month of May.

Congratulations to all! Thanks for entertaining our community with your contents!

Top Content Creator:

FollyFooL (10,000 points)


sharifa66 (5,000 Points)
Ltfung (5,000 Points)

The points will be credited to your account by 10th June 2019.

Announcement: Monthly Content Creators Discontinued

Goodbye content creators

Please be informed that the monthly content creators program has been discontinued with effect from 1st June 2019.
The content creators for the month of May will be announced by Thursday, 6th June 2019.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution all this while!