Invite Your Friends to Toluna and Earn 500 Points!

Dear Members,

We thought we’d remind you about how to earn popularity points on Toluna as being an active part of the community.

– Receive 500 points for every person who creates an account following your reference
– We have a level system on Toluna from New Member to VIP, the more involvement on Toluna can allow you to advance to the next level. You are awarded 10000 points for each time you advance to the next level.
– 100 points for every opinion you create of 80 words or more (we scan the opinions in order to ensure that members are not copying and pasting the response of others or the same response on several opinions)
– By creating a topic which attracts lots of votes, you will be awarded points for votes over 500, 1000 etc.

We hope to see your, and your friends’, content soon on the site! And don’t forget, we have a Chinese-speaking Singapore site too! Register and visit it at!

Best regards,

The Toluna Team

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