New Toluna Feature – the Community Spotlight

spotlight_rDear Members,

We are launching a new feature – the Community Spotlight, where we aim to bring you closer to your fellow Toluna community members by highlighting the content YOU post on the site. That’s right, YOUR topics, polls, battles, and thumb-its will be at the forefront of each Community Spotlight blog post.

The Toluna team will be scouring the site for the members, posts and polls that have been capturing the community’s attention. We will share that information with the community, and invite everyone to weigh in and view the results. Naturally, special credit will be given to the member who provided the content in the form of being our “Featured User”, along with a 5000 point bonus applied to your Toluna account!

Just to make sure we don’t miss your interesting post, we would like to invite you to submit your posts to us to be considered for our Community Spotlight. To be considered, simply reply to our topic here with the URL of your post. If selected, we will post a message on your Wall so all of your followers and friends will know that you are a Featured Toluna User. Our Community Spotlight announcements will occur periodically, and there is no limit to the number of Featured Users.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of the new interesting and creative topics our members come up with, and can’t wait to share them with our community!

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

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