Community Spotlight: All about Singapore!

Dear Members,

Welcome to our first Community Spotlight feature*. We have searched through some older content, and decided to highlight two different topics that we found interesting. What do they have in common? – they are all specific to Singapore!

First up is daknioelh‘s post which asks whether the Singapore government should stop cyclists from riding on roads, and instead make them cycle on the pavement instead. Feel free to join the discussion here.
Here are some of the comments from our community members:
iBehn4 – Making them cycle on pavement would only endanger the lives of pedestrians. Currently, too many cyclists think we should give way to them amd not the other way round. Come on, there should be a separate path for cyclists because you don’t make old folks, kids and normal people walk on the roads..

BakDiana – I’m a road user myself & I’ll always see cyclist going against the traffic or sometimes taking the whole lane.It’s usually the foreign workers who flout the rules.The next best thing is to make them go for a basic road safety course & make them pay for ROAD TAX!

vincent_lai72 – Both are up to them to choose, as u need to look out for either people or vehicle. Don’t treat as if the way belongs to u!

Next, we’d like to highlight duanyu_00‘s post about the terrible haze that we experienced recently. Are we better prepared if it were to happen again? Feel free to comment here.
Here are some of the comments about this topic:
sg_loudhailer – The last time the haze hit Singaqpore, I was quite lucky to be holiday in Hong Kong. When it comes back this time, I’m going to suffer. Either breathe in haze, or suffocate slowly in a mask. Sigh… 

cookiespng – I think this is a good topic for us to explore and think about. If the haze comes, it will hit us living in Singapore hard again. I cannot imagine the air to reach 400 PSI again. Now with Malaysia getting hit by the increase hotspots in Sumatra, I really hope the haze do not come back to us again…

Thank you to the two Featured Users, daknioelh and duanyu_00, and all of the contributors to the topics. We appreciate that our members take the time to voice their opinions when it comes to important national issues like these.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

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