Register to be a Product Tester

Dear Members,

We have officially launched a product test for Singaporean members. Please visit the Test Area of the website, where you can register for this new product: Petit Gris Whitening and Clarifying cream. To register, just click on the Test button and complete the short questionnaire.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every member who registers will receive the product for testing, as only 50 products are available. Product testers are selected at random, and we will contact you directly if you have been selected. All product testers are required to complete a survey about the product, which will be sent after the product has been used.

About the product: Petit Gris Whitening and Clarifying cream combines Premium Snail Secretion Filtrate with Papaya, Vitamin C and a whitening agent which inhibits the process of skin pigmentation. Before registering for this product, please read about the product and its ingredients here.

Registrations for this product will close on 6 January, 2014. Feel free to contact us if your have any questions regarding this.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

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