Get rewarded even more for your time and participation

Hello Members,

One year ago we started awarding 30 compensation points for surveys from which you were screened-out, or did not qualify for the points. Now we have even better news – we’ve increased this compensation amount to 200 points! This means that you’ll be rewarded even more for every survey that you take* – even if you don’t qualify.

Screenout points

If you begin a survey and find that you do not meet the target group, or the study has filled, 200 bonus points may be automatically credited to your Toluna account.

We are pleased to introduce more opportunities for you to earn points on Toluna, and hope that this new change is beneficial to all members.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

*Bonus points will be awarded for select surveys in our database, and not every survey you participate in is eligible for the credit.  Up to 200 Bonus points may be awarded automatically to your account immediately after participating.  Should you qualify for the session, the full incentive will be issued within Toluna’s standard timelines, and no additional bonus points will be applied.

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