Deepavali Emoji Fun Winners :) 


Good Morning Influencers!

We are happy to announce the lucky winners of the Deepavali Emoji Fun! Congratulations!

1) clara3785
2) lamepat
3) valerietrs
4) lingchuit
5) conesg
6) bryancheong6
7) rileyonlineshop
8) jinjinjinny
9) quik_silvez
10) zulfiquer
12) kuldawgg
13) justdoeat
14) cookiespng
15) Vokofej

All winners will receive 12,000 bonus points each! Points will be credited to your account by next Monday, 10th December 2018.

Thank you for all your participation & do keep a lookout for our monthly contest/ games!

Have a great day!

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