Congratulation April’s Content Creators! 


Hello Influencers,

We are pleased to announce our Content Creators of The Month! Toluna Team has chosen 1 Top Content Creator and 2 Runners-Up for the month of April!

Congratulations to all! Thanks for entertaining our community with your contents!

Top Content Creator:

CandyDollBaby (10,000 points)


judytan (5,000 Points)
baby-teo (5,000 Points)

Here’s what you could do to stand a chance to be selected as one of the Content Creators of The Month:

♣ Create good quality contents to entertain the community – Toluna Team will reward you with rank-up bonus of 100 to 1000 points!

♣ Spend some time interacting with other influencers to encourage them to comment on your topics. The more the merrier as the more comments you get, the more bonus points you will earn!

♣ If you’re among the top 3 influencers with the most rank-up bonuses during the month, you’ll make our list and monthly announcements. The most active influencer among the top 3 influencers will be chosen as The Top Content Creator and the remaining 2 will be chosen as the Runners-Up.

♣ Also, engage in Toluna Singapore’s posts on our website and Facebook fan page!

Last but not least, need help in creating good quality content? Click here: for tips on how to create a good content and earn points.

Anyone can be selected as Content Creator of the Month, all you need to do is to follow the four simple steps above and you’ll be on your way to becoming the next Content Creator of The Month!

Toluna Team Singapore

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