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Challenge C: Good news are better when shared – Singapore Does It Better Competition


We all have someone with whom we share good news first, be it an accomplishment, be it a gift.

We at Toluna don’t want to steal that person’s spotlight, but we do want to know how you prefer to spend your Toluna points.

Create a topic on the site with a photo of what you bought with your last Toluna reward. Did you buy a gift for yourself or for someone else?

Let us know and prove that Singapore is the most rewarding. Don’t forget to add a picture!

SG Does It Better

To participate, follow these simple steps:

♣ Post a photo with a description by 25th March at 23h59

♣ Add DIB to the title (eg.: DIB – Family Brunch with Toluna)

Remember: By joining the Singapore Does It Better competition, you can earn 3,000 points each week and 20,000 points at the end!

Influence Your World
Toluna Team