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Toluna Member’s Testimonial

“Being a long time member of Toluna Singapore, I am proud to say that Toluna Singapore has provided me with many opportunities to grow. The interaction and activities on the website are so fulfilling and interesting. It feels so good to be recognized and be rewarded for all the effort and time spent on the website. In order to serve the growing community better, Toluna Singapore is constantly upgrading itself to reinvent its business model through the various ways. The Toluna app and website has become a part of me and I am hooked to them for as long as I am online. The experience is simply rewarding and I am proud to be able to grow together with Toluna Singapore. Thank you Toluna Singapore for noticing me and giving me the benefits and rewards I deserve! With these NTUC vouchers, it means more shopping for me le!” – duanyu_00



Member of the Month – March 2017

Dear members,

Each month we will name a “Member of the Month” who will receive 10,000 points; and two runners-up will also receive 5000 points each.


Since we are trying to promote the engagement rate on our Toluna Singapore website and Facebook fan page. We came across valuable comments of these following 3 members so many times and we could not help to select them to be our Member of the Month in March. They are:

1. cookiespng (10,000 points)
2. irmanabdulsamat (5,000 points)
3. josephangsara (5,000 points)


Anyone can be selected as Member of the Month. You only have to spend some time interacting with other members to boost more comments on your own topic posted. The more comments you get, the more bonus points you will earn.

You should also engage in Toluna Singapore’s posts both on our website and Facebook fan page. How can we take more notice of you and offer you our bonus points if you have never left your valuable comments in our posts?

We hope you will continue to share your opinions with the Toluna community, and maybe you will be the next Member of the Month!

See you on the site!

Toluna Team Singapore