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Toluna #Challenge Winners – Week 6

Dear Members,

Were you quick enough to vote on the Toluna #Challenge sponsored polls this week? As a reminder, learn about this contest at our blog! (https://ensgblog.toluna.com/2017/01/20/).

toluna-challengeHere are the correct answers to this week’s sponsored polls:

Question 1: What is the only option in this list that does not earn you any points on Toluna?

Answer: Reading our blog.

Question 2: How many points can you earn for creating quality Topic on Toluna?

Answer: 500, 1,000 points per Topic.

These members answered both polls correctly and will earn 2000 bonus points at the end of the day!

  1. shann1
  2. jltln
  3. rc_73
  4. Alison Oh

Stay tuned next week for the Toluna #Challenge and chance to earn up to 2030 bonus point!

Toluna Team Singapore